HiMi Petz Shop
The Face of HiMi

Welcome to the newly re-opened HiMi Petz Shop! We are happy to be back, in a brand new home, provided by Celia of the PCG.

Anyway, for those of you who don't remember us, we were first opened on webs.com in January 2011 with just one simple breed! Boy, have we progressed since then! We didn't even have adoptions! Then we moved to weebly.com, then Breanna's site, sparkly-lion.net, and then to Kool Serve, where we got our own domain name. For a while, we didn't update, and nobody came to visit, so Kool Serve shut us down after 90 days of nothing. But now, we have gloriously reopened, with glorious new ambitions, and glorious new....everything!

Moving on from that, I'm HiMi. This site is for P.F. Magic's/Mindscape's/The Learning Company's/Ubisoft's old Petz games. The new 3D ones, in my opinon, are ridiculosly ridiculous and terribly terrible. They don't have that same 2D charm as the old, pre-2006 2D games have. Therefore, this site is only for them. Click here to find out more about these amazing games.

I hope to see you around here again!