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Welcome to the HiMi Adoption Center! Here, you can go crazy and get as many Petz as you want, and not be called greedy, LOL! My name is Forrest, one of Mina and Nero's kittens. A cat named Molly used to tend to these Petz, until she attacked one of them. Yeah.... Anyway, have fun!

Beauty and Beast (not the movie, they're Petz)

Beauty and Beast (Petz 5 only)

Beauty and Beast are two of Mina and Nero's children. However, they have a bigger history than that: Mina actually didn't have them for a year! Mina had a stuck pregnancy that HiMi was too lazy to fix, so she went on and on, pregnant seemingly forever..until HiMi had to restore her from a backup due to a corruption. HiMi decided he might as well, seeing as he had time. And so, through Carolyn Horn's time-rewind/fast-forward method, Beauty and Beast were born, after a whole year of waiting. And HiMi sure thinks that they're definitely worth his man-made wait! If you wish to download these darlings, click on the image.